Monday, February 20, 2012

I am...

    I am new. The fresh air surrounds me, and every color pronounced and bright. The joy of the wind in the trees, and animals bounding around me. Every morning is different and beautiful. The sun on my crib, the grass on my feet as I step towards the path that will lead me...where? Anywhere and everywhere. My mother and father with their smiles and love greating me with each new day. I grow and the world changes around me. The excitement of school, the laughter of my friends as we conquer the dragons and black knights and ferocious dogs. What can stand in my way?

    I am James Dean. My world is what I make of it. My gang hangs on my every word, because what gain is there in working a 40-hour shift?! I set my sights on conquering the world. And right now my girl is my world, and my strength is the only law I obey. Teacher, parents, businessmen...they're stuck in the rut of life. They waste away behind a desk with paper piling high and their hair getting gray. All ignorant! The world is my road, riding high on my hog and cigarette smoke blowing me towards a bright sunset. Let the world die away, but I'll live forever!

    I am Mae West. You want to read me my rights? My body determines my rights. I'm the desire of the young men, and the property of all. But I belong to just me! Love's OK if you can get it, but lust reigns. I determine what happens to this body...I alone! I'll tempt you with my figure, until I drag you by the ring in your nose. You're mine...for me to change your vote at the polls. You're raise the woman to the head of the house and have all men nodding their approval.

    I am Harry the Horse. My dice are always loaded. I'll win every argument because all my questions lead to my answers. Rake in the bucks. Money talks! I'll surge in the stocks and control the politicians. What corruption? I'll promote family while adding to my collection of partners in the police force and business owners. You can never get enough of the green stuff. To gain is to succeed. Go cling to your savior on Sundays, because the rest of the week you're mine!

    I am Lorenzo de' Medici. The ends justify the means. I use people to expand, and religion to gain power. Rules must change for me to remain in control. It's not important that the people trust me as much as it is that they serve my purpose. For what counts is how I expand my empire, and subdue my opponents. If virtue will be lauded, I'll wear it like a cloak. Don't talk to me about truth, for my values need to change to satisfy control of my life. Promises need to be broken if they lead me away from my claim. No one can knock me off this throne; no one can force me to submit. God...certainly, as long as I'm the master.

    I am Stephen Hawkins. Science is the explanation of all that is. I think God must be very small. All we are amounts to the interaction of our grey matter with the enormity of the universe. Tell me your feeble philosophies and religion, and I will cause you to marvel at the beauty of a dying star and the wisdom of an expanding universe. All that can be explained can be found at either end of the eyeglass. Foolish humans!

    I am Emile Dickenson. All I need is my pen and paper. My own heart will be my guide, nothing to influence my being but the Deepening Menace and my companion, the Mailbox. See me dance and smile, chat and drink at the socials, but I'm Home is my sanctuary. There will always be the door that separates me from the world. For why cling to others when loss is inevitable, and the Fever is always near?

    I am the disciple Peter. I see my sin before me. Don't come near me, Holiness! I am surrounded by my failures and offences. That man over there...I beat him. That woman there...I slept with her and left a broken family. The brightness of the Light is too blinding. Depart from me, Lord, for I live a life of selfishness. Even in my giving I was lifting myself up, and any kind word was feeble. The sex, the money, the power, the fear...they are but dust in front of me compared to the love He's shown. Get away quickly!

Then He rises from His bed of stone, and walks slowly towards me...dirt clinging to the holes in His feet. He reaches down and places a nail-scared hand on my head. "When you were my enemy, I hung on the tree for you. When you denied me, I loved you. Before I set the sun in the sky and the planets in their orbits, I knew who you would be...your joys, your hurts, your triumphs and your failures. My faithfulness is higher than the farthest star, and my love can reach to the lowest depths. Do not fear in taking my hand."

My sorrow departs like a cloud on the east wind. All my sins are thrown into the sea. The hole in my soul is filled. I am found. I am a new person, and....

I am His.

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