Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in the Life

Wake up.

dress.crack eggs.whisk.pour juice.cook.feed husband.
kiss spouse goodbye.change diaper.crack eggs.whisk.pour juice.cook.
feed children.chore enforcer.dress children.
drop at school. feed baby.burp baby.shower.lather.rinse.shave.
curl.brush principal.feed baby.burp checkbook.
pick up rooms.feed baby.burp baby.put baby down for bed.
organize magazines.blast Mandisa.change with baby
.dust.vacuum.order for pants.
wash teacher.feed baby.burp baby.
create friend.make lunch.clean for food.
return DVD.organize tupperware.carpool.arrange play dates.
homework teacher.find cell phone.make to children.
take out trash.feed baby.burp baby.defrost.baste.simmer.steam.kiss husband.
feed to spouse.schedule date.TV monitor.ready children for bed.
load dishwasher.feed baby.burp baby.put baby to bed.
clean family week with husband.pajamas.and finally...


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