Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Which Percentage Are You?

With all the Occupy activity going on with who belongs with the 99% and who has the wealth, I think it's time to step back and take a look at one's personal identity and where one stands....

I feel for the family who is hungry in Sudan, but there's a homeless man who's holding a sign on the corner, asking for food.

I believe majority vote by society doesn't determine, or reflect, what is holy.

Teachers' and Legistlatures' salaries should be switched, but teachers, administrators, and the Department of Education should also be held more accountable.

Learning how to live in society begins in one's home.

I believe in Jesus over the President.

Starting the sentence with "I work towards..." is of more value than starting one with "I deserve...".

Everyone judges. Even those who say they don't.

My identity isn't found in my wealth, a political party, or what society says about me, but in the One who saved my soul.

Love is not a's an act of the will.

There is something precious in being married that's not found in just living together.

Might does not make right.

Fix medicare.

There is such thing as Truth, apart from scientific theory, regardless of what I personally feel, in spite of what the papers say, even whatever the courts decide.

Taking care of the environment is a must.

Love your neighbor as yourself, regardless of how you feel.

Banging on bank windows, damaging property, and creating a general nusence of oneself does not deserve my vote nor my respect.

The reason why so many people are angry is because they never learned how to forgive.

My family is more important then my job and status.

Everyone should look after their parents.

Bring them

It's wrong to have a national debt.

God is quite different, and separate, from ourselves.

....and that will never change.

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