Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pistachio Cheese Roll

You know those cheese rolls everyone flocks to at parties? The cute, small balls of processed milk that people can't seem to get enough of? Posh! Everyone lunges at the best ones and you're left with...what? Leftover broken Wheat Thins? Don't let that happen to you...especially if you're the hostess! This wonderful pistachio roll will keep the party rolling for hours. Plus, it's easy to make with very few ingredients. The sun-dried tomatoes make it scrumptious. Be sure to order a number of bags of Santa Barbara Pistachios to fill up the bowls around the room (my favorites are onion-garlic and hickory-smoke). They also make great stocking-stuffers and holiday treats.

Pistachio Cheese Roll
Easy to make cheese log rolled in chopped pistachios. This one is made with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. Serve with crackers or apple slices.

11 oz. spreadable cheese (e.g., goat or cream cheese), at room temp.
3 Tbs. sundried tomatoes or dried fruit of your choice
Fresh or dried herbs or spices to taste
2 cups Salted or Unsalted Roasted Pistachios, chopped

Mix sundried tomatoes or dried fruit into the soft cheese along with any herbs or spices you'd like to add.
Chill mixture about 30 minutes, then form into a log about 1-1/2 "e; to 2"e; thick.
Roll log on waxed or parchment paper sprinkled with chopped pistachios, pressing pistachios into the surface of the log.
Wrap in waxed or parchment paper and twist ends. This will help to round out the thickness of the log.
Chill until ready to serve.
Asian food stores often carry forms for pressing sushi rice into rolls or balls. You can also use these forms to make a perfect cheese log or cheese ball. Roll the cheese in the pistachios before pressing into the form. You can roll it in more pistachios after you remove it from the form.

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